Ashely Powell–A Ram of Many Trades!

Ashely Powell--A Ram of Many Trades!

Kianna Grant, Student Writer

What AMAZING students we have at PBL!  So many are exceptional, and they strive for success on every level.  Junior academy student, Ashley Powell, is a great example. In an interview, RAMpage asked her a series of questions about her various activities and plans for the future.  We were drawn to her because of her membership in not one but TWO of the Choice programs at Lakes–MCJROTC and Law Academy. Here is what Ashley had to say:

What clubs are you involved in?

“I am involved in several clubs associated with my academies. JROTC, Law Academy, and I’m also in the PBSO Explorers Program.” The Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office Explorer Program is for young men and women who are interested in law enforcement training, community service, and recreation programs.

What do you want to do in your life when you grow up?

“I hope to do something related to law, like [joining] the FBI.”

Have you always known you wanted to do something involved in law enforcement?

“Yes! I’ve always wanted to do something in law enforcement.”

What do you do in ROTC?

“We do uniform inspections, drills, and we also have to wear uniforms every Monday.”

How do you handle juggling all that you do?

“It does get stressful, but what I learned is to figure out what’s best for me in this current time.”  RAMpage discovered that Ashley was on the Lakes swimming team, and she held a part-time job at the Rapids Water Park. In keeping her academics first, she realized that she had to prioritize her activities and only do the things that made the most sense for her future.

What are your goals in life?

“[Not sure yet, but] I want to pursue something in the military and/or law enforcement and hopefully become a [person of] high rank”

Were any of your family members in the military?

“My stepdad was actually in the military in Jamaica!”

There you have it! Ashley Powell is an amazing student, and her drive for success is outstanding. She is hard-working, determined, and driven. She will surely be successful in the future.