New Bowling Champion!

Makayla Everett, Student Writer

Here at Palm Beach Lakes High School, there is a new champion–a bowling champion! Aaliah Allen is an 11th grader with an AMAZING talent! She won first place in the Special Olympics bowling competition on September 18.  This accomplishment was by no means an easy feat–Aaliah went up against other bowlers across the whole state of Florida and still came out on top.  About this, Aaliah said, ” I am very proud of myself, and if I could do it all over again, I would.”  That’s the type of fighting spirit Rams should have when winning any type of competition–no matter how big or small.  Mrs. Yaun, a teacher at PBL, is by far one of her biggest fans and cheerleaders; when Aaliah won the championship, she was the first person to arrange for Aaliah to receive a special shout-out as well as a spotlight in the school paper.  Like Mrs. Yaun, the Ramily is very proud of Aaliah for being tough and for doing such a fantastic job this season. Winning state and making herself as well as the school proud … What’s next for this bowling phenom?!!!