The Addams Family 2


Kianna Grant, Student Writer

Who loves movies?  Well, The Addams Family 2 movie  was just recently released. The Addams Family 2 is a sequel to The Addams Family. This silly sequel focuses on family love.  There is dark humor and cartoon violence included. The Addams Family 2 starts off with one of the characters, Wednesday Addams, showing off her impressive science project at a science fair but is disappointed when everyone was deemed a winner. Wednesday’s father, Oscar Addams, fears that Wednesday is distancing herself, so he decides to plan a family road trip across the United States with his Wife (Mortica Addams), his children (Wednesday and Pugsley Addams), his brother (Fester Addams), and their butler (Lurch). Their family trip soon turns complicated when a mysterious man named Rupert, insists that one of his clients believes that Wednesday is their biological daughter.

Movie critic, Sandie Angulo Chen, says, “This serviceable animated sequel focuses on Wednesday’s feelings of alienation and benefits from the family’s kid-friendly jokes and road trip adventures.” This movie is more focused on the family’s wacky behavior. In the movie, they visit well-known locations on their journey- such as the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, and the Death Valley which makes people find the plot relatable, despite the family’s odd personality. Chen also says, “It is clear that this sequel is Wednesday’s show.”  Many other critics strongly believe the actor who voices Wednesday, Chloe Grace Mortez, did an excellent portrayal of Wednesday.  “She showed Wednesday’s flat, lifeless portrayal, and did a great job expressing Wednesday’s strong dislike of anything sentimental,” according to Chen. To top it off, this road trip gives an appealing sparkle with stops at a few famous areas like Cyrus Strange home. Cyrus Strange was the main antagonist in this movie. He is a mad scientist who tries to convince Wednesday that he is her actual father.

This is definitely one Rams shouldn’t miss! Go ahead, watch it, and see if it is everything the critics say it is!