Seniors–Be in the Book!


Makayla Everett, Student Writer

ATTENTION–SENIORS! On November 6, senior photos will be taken here on campus. Before anyone starts getting nice and pretty, all seniors must book their own picture session at to be able to take pictures that day.  The process is simple: 1) Choose the background, 2) Select a package (these vary from $30-$750), 3) Confirm the background, 4) add extra items like hair and makeup specialties, 5) Select the date and time, and finally 6) Create an account.

There are two types of attire–informal and formal.  For the informal attire, seniors are able to wear anything they want, but for the formal attire, students must wear the tux and drapes provided by the studio.  The formal picture is the one that will be featured in the 2022 PBL Yearbook. Seniors will be able to get their photos back in 2 – 3 weeks, and for those who will ask,  “Yes, yearbook and senior photos are the same thing, so be sure to purchase a yearbook!” The cost RIGHT NOW is only $85. That is a steal, especially when it gives you the opportunity to see how everyone’s pictures turned out.

So, Seniors! Don’t miss out on the chance to be in the BEST yearbook ever!