Sampuru Art at Lakes!


Kianna Grant, Student Writer

Ice Sculpture…Cheraw Dance…Reverse Graffiti! Art has many forms, from visual arts to performing arts. What about Sampuru Art? Sampuru Art is the practice of creating fake food out of inanimate objects like plastic, silicone, or resin.  Sampuru art has been around since the 1930s! Crazy, right? RAMpage learned that the Palm Beach Lakes 3-D Art Students not only learned about this form of art, but were also able to create art pieces.  “The students created the Sampuru using clay,” according to Diana Fernandez, the art teacher at Lakes. You can even create fake food out of paper. Creating these fake models of food can be a way of advertising for restaurants.  Fernandez adds, “Any business where there is food involved, [the food] can be used for Sampuru Art.”

The following students created the art pieces pictured in the featured photo:

Karen Lux-Jimenez-  Sushi

Ludwin Morales-  Pancake Stack

Loveda Gena- Breakfast Variety

Paheedrah Jean-Philippe- Bitten Donut

Anahi Morales- Avocado Plate

Nivia Ordonez- Pie and Fruits


This was a great experience for the artsy Rams, and Mrs. Fernandez promises that there will be even more amazing art pieces to come!