Shooting Competition


Jonathan Oakley, Guest Writer

On Tuesday, October 26, the Lakes MCJROTC Marksmanship Team competed in a postal competition hosted by Atlantic High School. This marks the first competition for the shooting team this year and also celebrates the highest individual score and team score achieved for any shooting team for MCJROTC at Lakes. Cadet Sergeant Jarelis Garcia shot a 234, a personal best and unit best for the competition. Cadet Second Lieutenant Mariam Harris shot a 229 with Cadet Corporal Angel Garcia shooting a 227. All of these cadets qualified as an Expert with these scores at this competition. Cadet First Sergeant Cliverson Smith shot a 210 with Cadet First Sergeant John Arguello-Severo shooting a 202. Both of these cadets qualified as Sharpshooters. While most competitions have four shooters, the score of the top four would add up to 901, breaking the previous mark of 803 held by last year’s shooting team. The team is excited and given the youth, most are sophomores, they want to do well enough to qualify for nationals in Alabama in the next two years. Good luck and Great Job Rams!