Teaming Up–HOSA/BSU Food Drive!

Teaming Up--HOSA/BSU Food Drive!

Kianna Grant, Student Writer

ATTENTION! Palm Beach Lakes High School is hosting a Food Drive. The Black Student Union(BSU) is partnering up with HOSA to help families in need. This food drive is to help out a lot of people who are not able to have a proper Thanksgiving. There are other places teaming up to give out Thanksgiving boxes to families.  Students, staff, facility, and anyone who wishes to donate can drop off items in either the main office, Mrs. McFarlane’s classroom(4-103), or in Mrs. Paige’s classroom(2-142).

The deadline to drop off items will be November 9. “Hopefully, we’ll have a lot of people donating so we can make a difference as a whole,” as stated by Mrs. McFarlane. Please do not drop off items that may spoil. Non-perishable items like noodles, canned macaroni and cheese, and canned tuna are great examples of acceptable items. It is very important that everyone contributes, so that the people who are less fortunate can be helped.  As a community, everyone can donate. “Any bit counts, and anyone can help anybody.”  This Food Drive is also a great way to raise awareness. Everyone should come together, not only as a school, but as a community. If you have any questions, please visit Mrs.McFarlane or Ms.Paige.