Atlanta Braves- New World Series Champions


Kianna Grant, Student Writer

The Atlanta Braves have just won their first championship since 1995! Everyone doubted them, but they proved them wrong by winning against the Houston Astros, 7-0. Two of the players, Jorge Soler and Ace Max Fried really proved themselves. Soler, who recently tested positive for Covid-19 hits a 3-run shot in the third inning. Player 54, Ace Max Fried, who didn’t have a good start in his last two postseason made six dominant shutout innings. Fried told the Palm Beach Post, “I think as a kid you look forward to winning the World Series and contributing in any way.  To be able to be here in this moment, I’m just extremely thankful.”  The Braves were a team of surprises for many fans. “The truth is that this team was full of heroes night after night,” according to Bob Nightengale.

Even with losing one of its hitters, slugger, and a starter, Atlanta still fought. “This team simply could not be measured by any computer, algorithm, or spreadsheets.” Teamwork also contributed to their victory. Pitcher, Will Smith voiced this in an interview with the PBP, “That’s something analytics never can have a hand in, … chemistry and getting along with each other. We legitimately love each other in that clubhouse. We say it out loud.” They even have an Ice-cream machine in their clubhouse! That, in and of itself, says a mouthful about the family atmosphere and camaraderie.

After winning, the first thing they did was visit Bobby Cox, a beloved Hall of Fame manager who was unable to attend any games. Atlanta’s Hall of Fame executive, John Schuerholz communicated, “He wanted it to go to Bobby, so he put it on Bobby’s lap. Bobby has gone through a tough time, and has a sad look, but when you look at him, he smiles with his eyes.” Congratulations to the Atlanta Braves for being the New World Series Champions! Hopefully, there are many more great achievements coming!