Happy National Native American Heritage Month!

Makayla Everett, Student Writer

Guess what this month is, Ramily?! November is National Native American Heritage Month!! To celebrate and to bring awareness to this month, Ms. Arnold’s United States History class did something extremely  special (and creative) and would like everyone to visit to get a glimpse of the greatness.

Ms. Arnold’s students made Tepees, jewelry, and dolls to commemorate this month and the Native American culture as a whole, all while learning the traditions and values of the people. For instance, Native Americans didn’t wear clothing simply for fashion; they mostly dressed for religious reasons, expressing their beliefs through their fashion. All styles of clothing varied depending on the region in which the Natives lived; however, they all shared the same materials.  Animal skin was typically used for clothing and other accessories since native people lived close to nature and believed that they should live off of the land and its many resources. This varied as well, though. Tribes that lived in the Plains used buffalo while tribes in Alaska used seal or caribou skin.

Ms. Arnold and her students did a beautiful and thorough job depicting the lifestyles of Native Americans in their November class project. All are welcomed and encouraged to stop by (Room 1-127), learn, ask questions, take pictures, or just admire the impressive artwork depicting the Native American heritage.