“No Shave” November!


Makayla Everett, Student Writer

The Black Student Union (BSU) at Palm Beach Lakes is letting everyone know to participate in its “No Shave” November campaign to bring awareness to all types of cancer. It’s also a great excuse to stop shaving for a whole month. BSU is an organization that empowers diversity and awareness of culture among African Americans which is very important in today’s society–knowing where one comes from and knowing the traditions that come with the culture.  A quote that PBL’s BSU lives by is, “Never sacrifice who you are to appease another race of people; always take the high road. Have loyalty and pride in your own.” This is a very powerful  statement all Rams should take some advice from Black Student Union.  To learn more, be sure to visit Ms. Paige (BSU Sponsor) in Room 2-147 and ask some questions or maybe even join the club.