Dynamic Law Duo!


Kianna Grant, Student Writer

Hello, RAMS! At Palm Beach Lakes, the Law program is exceptional, having not just one, but two new Law Academy teachers–Dr. Percy Walcott and Mr. Michael Marrero! Both individuals have such a passion for teaching and hope to help as many students as they can. In hopes of getting insight into these two new teachers, PBLRAMpage asked both Law Academy newbies a series of questions. Here is what they had to say:

How did you come to teach at Lakes?

Dr. Walcott expressed, “Because of my personal experience, I think it’s good to inspire children and let them know that they can become whatever they wish. I graduated from Howard University (Law School), so when the position opened, Principal Alfonso jumped at the opportunity to hire me.”  As for Mr. Marrero, his story is a bit different: “I originally came to Palm Beach Lakes six years ago to teach at the Law Academy, and then transferred to teach American Government & Economics. I still have a great passion for law and am happy to assist with the Law Academy this year and for years to come.”

What made you decide to teach law?

“I’ve worked in the field for many years, so when the opportunity came, I took it,” said Dr. Walcott. Mr. Marrero voiced, “I always had a passion for Constitutional Law which comes from my experience as a Cuban American. I wanted to understand the reasons the government would get as abusive as it is in my home country and understand what was prevented here in the United States. Overall, it has helped me develop an intense admiration for the U.S. Constitution, the founding, and Constitutional Law.”

Is there anybody you are inspired by?

“I’m inspired by Tony Ribbons because he possesses skills that are not normal,” communicated Walcott.  Marrero voiced, “I am inspired by many people in history, primarily Jose Marti and Jose Raul Capablanca.”

Did you work in Law Enforcement prior to teaching?

“My specialty was labor relations, not law enforcement,” confessed Dr. Walcott. “Yes, in fact, I worked at various law firms before becoming a teacher. I worked in personal injury law and immigration law,” revealed Mr. Marrero.

What do you hope to achieve this school year?

Dr. Walcott states, “I hope too get to the finals in this year’s Mock Trial competition.” While Mr. Marrero prepares his 9th graders for a competition as well, he hopes to “instill [his] love of law in students.”

There you have it, RAMS! The  Law program will be great thanks to the addition of Mr. Marrero and Dr. Walcott. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Walcott at [email protected] or Mr. Marrero at [email protected]