Army Brings Tech Truck to Lakes

Kianna Grant, Student Writer

Military Police Officer..Army Public Health Nurse…Cyber Network Defender! There are over 150 jobs in the army. The U.S. Army has brought out an Army Tech truck to Lakes. The MCJROTC students of Lakes were given the opportunity to learn about the amazing opportunities there are in the military. “We want to show and teach the students the different types of jobs in the military,” says one recruiter. The Army representatives are stationed in Palm Beach Gardens and have come to Palm Beach Lakes (and other high schools in the area) to share information about the Army that they were probably not aware of–It’s not just the ARMY! The Medical and Biotechnology Academy students were guests of the MCJROTC for this special activity, and they were able to see how the Army utilizes technology, medicine, and biotechnology in its everyday operations. It was an eye-opening treat for all in attendance.  It wasn’t all business; the students had fun in the truck as well. They completed challenges, and the winners were able to operate the robot that was on display outside the truck. Next, in the coming weeks, the Army reps plan to return with the Pilot Simulator for interested students to manipulate. What a fun day at PBL!