Say “NO” to Drugs!

Say NO to Drugs!

Kianna Grant, Student Writer

Palm Beach Lakes always makes sure to take students’ interests into consideration and at heart; PBL also prioritizes students’ safety.  As a protective measure, the district has been emphasizing the importance of drug awareness. Because so much misinformation is spreading about what is and is not safe, the topic bears repeating.

What are the dangers of drugs. Doing drugs, including edibles, is a serious matter.  Some feel that edibles are relatively harmless. As such they can come in a variety of forms and foods, from baked goods to candies.  Contrary to popular opinion, edibles can have long-lasting effects. For example, users are exposing themselves to a high potential for overdose. “Research has shown that edibles are the form of marijuana consumption most likely to lead to emergency room visits for marijuana overdose,” as stated by the  American Addiction Centers. Consuming edibles can have serious side effects. “The symptoms associated with eating highly potent edibles are often much more severe than the symptoms experienced after smoking marijuana.”  A person can experience drowsiness, confusion, vomiting, anxiety, agitation, psychotic episodes, hallucinations, paranoia, impaired motor ability, respiratory depression, and heart problems. People can also experience a strong desire to harm themselves or others. “…Users can become violent or unaware of their actions–behaviors that they likely never would have engaged in while sober.” Drug use in any form can result in overdose.  The Government of South Australia found that “the most serious consequences of overdose [include] the loss of consciousness, breathing [difficulty], and cardiac problems … and Death.”  Bacterial infections can also occur when needles are used. “Bacterial infections may cause a local abscess at the injecting site or, more seriously, may cause infections in the heart (endocarditis) or other parts of the body. Injecting can also cause vein damage.” Regular users of drugs can experience a range of social, legal, financial, and emotional problems.

Students across Palm Beach County are encouraged to learn all that they can about the dangers of drugs (vaping and edibles included). At Lakes, there is always someone to whom students can talk. Anyone who is struggling with drug use or even the idea or prospect of using drugs is advised to contact a faculty member for help.