“We the People” Law Contest


Kianna Grant, Student Writer

On January 28, PBL competed in the “We the People” competition. This competition is among law students from different schools throughout the State of Florida. The event is of great importance because it brings honor to the winners and their Law programs and allows the students to develop the Constitutional Law skills needed for the next level. “This competition is a mock congressional hearing which is conducted nationally based upon a program originally endorsed by the U.S. Supreme Court,” stated Mr. Marrero, one of the Law teachers here at Lakes.

For this competition, students needed to do a lot of preparation. “Students need to prepare for months for this competition … becoming experts in their select units or ‘fields.’ They polish their writing for the main congressional questions, develop their team as being part of a panel of experts, and [hone] their speech skills by delivering a highly academic legal speech to experts in the field.” Congratulations and much respect to all the Lakes Law Academy students as well as the other participants across the State of Florida!