The BEST of CTE–Career Experience!

The BEST of CTE--Career Experience!

Misty Russo, Guest Writer

The students enrolled in Career Experience, under the guidance of Ms. Anna Burke, are learning lifelong vocational skills and using their creativity simultaneously.  Ms. Burke and the students create “Ram Gear” and other personalized items as part of their Community-Based Vocational Education curriculum.  The students come up with designs for t-shirts, clipboards, mugs/tumblers, and anything else that can be decorated to fit anyone’s interests or hobbies.  They are learning how to use the Cricut computer Design Space and make products to sell.  They participated in Club Day and put their skills into action.

The students will continue to learn about budget, time, money management, and other skills needed to run a school-based enterprise.  Please contact Ms. Anna Burke and her students for more information or to place an order!