Art Students, Showing Off Their Talent!


Diana Fernandez

Ravia Facey’s artwork wins her a prize!

Tera Hands, Choice Coordinator

Students in Ms. Diana Fernandez’s art classes are busy putting what they are learning in the classroom to work in the community and beyond. Many foundations and associations support the arts, and as a show of their dedication to the arts, several sponsor contests and scholarship efforts for outstanding artwork produced by budding young artists. The Palm Beach County Art Teacher’s Association, the National Association of Counties, and Americans for the Arts are three such organizations that recognize the beauty and importance of art.  PBL Art instructor, Ms. Fernandez, reported the following exciting results regarding recent art contests that her students entered:

“Congratulations to Art Student Jese  Gressi (10th grade) for winning the Art Merit Award presented by the Palm Beach County Art Teacher’s Association and to Diego Santiago (10th grade) for coming in 3rd Place in the High School Division.  This year’s theme “Rockin Robots” was very interesting and the displays were beautiful.”

That’s not all! The Lakes art crew has been looking for every opportunity to show off their skills. Scholarships are offered for academics, sports, music, community service, and … yes, for ART! These students are well on their way to being able to win money for college by focusing on their special crafts and honing in on their unique styles that will separate them from the rest. Ms. Fernandez shares this about one such student who has already begun seeing dollar signs:

“Congratulations to Ravia Facey for winning the Art Contest [sponsored by] the National Association of Counties and Americans for the Arts.  She received a $100.00 gift card as her prize from Commissioner Melissa McKinlay, Board of County Commissioners for Palm Beach County.”

Wow!! Simply AMAZING! PBL is super proud of these stellar art students. Keep up the FANTASTIC work!