CTE Student of the Year & JROTC Cadet of the Year

Kianna Grant, Student Writer

February is National Career and Technical Education Month or CTE Month. Each year, PBL joins in the celebration of all the CTE programs, teachers, and students in the district and the school. Lakes is proud to boast several CTE programs and instructors: Biotechnology (Mr. Hartung), Early Childhood (Mrs. Morris), Fire (Mr. Martinez), Law (Dr. Walcott and Mr. Marrero), Medical (Ms. McFarlane and Dr. Holland), MCJROTC (MGySgt Tabron and MSgt Oakley), Culinary (Mrs. Shaw-Smith), Cosmetology (Ms. Davis), and Digital Media (Mr. Hands, Ms. D. Williams, Mr. Edwards, Ms. Mays, and Ms. Bak).

Celebrations for the month include announcements featuring CTE fun facts and information, social media pub (Facebook Friday and Twitter Tuesday), and of course, the selection of the CTE Student of the Year and the JROTC Cadet of the Year. While there is stiff competition for these two coveted titles, this year’s honorees are Medical Academy Senior, Janelle Thomas (CTE SOY) and Cadet Major Cliverson Smith (JROTC COY)!  About this amazing nomination and recognition, Janelle says, “I feel very honored … because I feel like my hard work has paid off, and now I’m finally seeing the reward of that.” Cliverson adds, “I feel surprised and shocked … I just try my best and do all that I can do.”

Students and Cadets of the Year are typically goal-oriented and extremely focused. Janelle and Cliverson are no exception (LOL). “I’m going into college to study Mechanical Engineering actually,” stated Smith. “I want to become a dermatologist who creates natural skincare products for women of color,” shares Thomas. In addition to this, Janelle wants to create programs in schools that will “showcase Black excellence.”

Congratulations to the Palm Beach Lakes CTE Student of the Year, Janelle Thomas, and the JROTC Cadet of the Year, Cliverson Smith. Both are pillars of PBL success!!!!!