Why Are Gas Prices On The Rise Amid The Invasion Of Ukraine?


Alessio Martinez, Student Writer

Gas prices have risen tremendously. The average gas price, right now, in Florida is $3.52 per gallon. Even in some areas, the price is over $4.00 per gallon. The cheapest gas currently in Palm Beach County is on Southern Blvd at Chevron; it sells for $3.29. What is causing these outrageous prices? Ukraine and Russia! They are both eastern European countries. On February 24, 2022, Russian military troops officially invaded Ukraine. After months of speculation of there being an invasion, it had finally happened. Russia fired missiles across borders into populated Ukrainian cities. President Putin, the leader of Russia, has declared war on Ukraine and threatened other countries if they chose to interfere. There’ll be “consequences you have never seen.” The rest of the world was stunned at the shocking news of Russia invading Ukraine. Generally, not everyone took Putin seriously. Although Ukraine is much smaller than massive Russia, they are not giving up their freedom – no matter what. President Zelensky, leader of Ukraine, stated to his people, “We are not afraid to defend our state. We are not afraid of Russia.” 

But, what does a Russian invasion have to do with American gas prices? Russia is one of the world’s largest oil producers. So, if you take their oil market off, it tightens the prices. Not only in the United States are the gas prices rising but globally. It primarily affects most of Europe since they get their gas directly from Russia. This highlights how much influence Russian oil has on the rest of the world. Mark Hamrick, a senior economic analyst, says the gas prices should be a short-lived crisis. Although it depends on President Putin and NATO’s next move on whether this theory is correct. 

In the midst of the gas prices rising, how do you save money? Especially if you drive to school or work every day and you have no option but to use your mobile vehicle. Here are some tips on how to save money on gas.

According to AARP, you can do the following methods:

Driving less, running errands when commuting, and planning your outings to be more efficient can go a long way toward curbing your gas outlays. But it is not just how many trips you make with your vehicle in a given day or week, also how you drive your car. Racing to beat red lights, braking hard, and speeding can use more fuel than taking it slow. Reducing the amount of time; you warm up your car can also be an effective way to save money on gas. Keeping your vehicle up to date on its maintenance schedule and ensuring your tire pressure is at the proper level can also save gas.

Always remember to drive safely and responsibly! Also, keep watch of the gas prices as they may change and limit your movement as much as possible to avoid the insane gas prices.