New Mural–WINGS!


Imilee Chance, Student Writer

The 3-D Art Class completed “Wings,” a mural displayed in the hallway of Bldg. 4. Ms. Fernandez and her students invite everyone to stop by to check it out and take a few selfies–Model, O’Sheanna Hooks, has done just that.

This design was created by Senior, Ludwin Morales Gonzalez. The individual artists are as follows: Ludwin Morales Gonzalez, Trenton Timmes, Miguel German Tziquin, Lusber Gonzalez Chaj, O’Sheanna Hooks, Karen Lux, Jayla Rodriguez, and Pahee drah Jean-Philippe.

Creating the mural was a lot of fun! Students who are artistically gifted or who just would like to share in the beauty of art are encouraged to register for the the class for the 2022-2023 school year.