Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson…Supreme Court Nomination!


Makayla Everett, Student Writer

This March, 2022…This National Women’s Month (2022)…This month is unlike any other March in the history of America! Why?

Ketanji Brown Jackson is the first black woman judge nominated to sit on the nation’s highest court! She has served as a federal judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit since 2021. It was speculated in early 2022 that Biden was going to nominate Ketanji because he said he was going to appoint a black woman to the court if there was a vacancy during his campaign. That is exactly what took place!!!

On March 23, 2022 Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson was nominated for this most distinguished and well-deserved honor. With the formal vetting and qualification hearings behind her, Judge Brown Jackson (and the country) awaits the final vote and confirmation.  With tears rolling down her face and her family seated right behind her, Ketanji was overjoyed and willing to take a seat as the first African American, female Supreme Court Judge!