Maxwell Rolle- A Ram of Many Talents!


Kianna Grant, Student Writer

Maxwell Rolle, not only is he the Senior Class President of 2022 and a prom king nominee but is also a proud member of the Ram’s Regiment Band. Maxwell was gifted a band scholarship of $32,000 from Bethune Cookman University. When receiving this scholarship, Maxwell described he was very “shocked” and “proud.” Additionally, he added, “With me being a Drum Major, there’s hardly any time to really put the time in and practice on my instrument, so when I heard I got that much money, I was actually really surprised.” Maxwell has been involved in band for eight years now–that’s amazing! “Band has a huge importance in my life. It keeps me busy and active. I truly have a passion for it.”

Maxwell hopes to attend an HBCU in the fall. He’s still unsure of his final choice of college but says he hopes to go to either, “Florida A&M University, Bethune Cookman University, or Jackson State University.” What career choice does he hope to have in the future? “I hope to become a social media influencer or actor, just really something overall big and nice, but if that isn’t God’s plan, then I will pursue the career of law enforcement.” Big congratulations to Maxwell on his well-deserved success. Getting this scholarship is making him, as well as the school, proud.