Lakes Law–Thankful for the EMSHE Scholarship!


Craig Goldenfarb (on the left); Emmanuel McMiller (on the right)

Kianna Grant, Student Writer

The Emanuel McMiller Scholarship for Higher Education (EMSHE) is a 10k scholarship fund that was established by Craig Goldenfarb in honor of Lakes Law Graduate, McMiller (C/O 2010). Goldenfarb is a personal injury lawyer and the owner of the West Palm Beach-based Law Offices of Craig Goldenfarb. McMiller is a former employee of the Goldenfarb Law Firm.

This scholarship, named for the former Law Academy student, helps graduates and soon-to-be graduates of the Gerald A. Williams Center for Pre-Law at Palm Beach Lakes Community High School get the financial support they need for college and/or law school. The primary goals of this scholarship is to strengthen the diversity pipeline to the legal profession, ¬†assist with the student’s needs and expenses that financial aid/other scholarships often leave unfilled, and help recipients establish a support system that will help guide them through their journey. Craig Goldenfarb is truly giving a great opportunity to law graduates and soon-to-be law graduates.

The winners haven’t yet been announced; however, Lakes Law congrats them and wishes them the best in their future law endeavors. PBL, at large, extends its genuine and heartfelt gratitude to both Emmanuel McMiller and the law firm of Craig Goldenfarb for this generous act and show of love and support for Lakes Law.