Beyonce’s Oscar Performance


Alessio Martinez, Student Writer

Queen Bey fans were in Bee Heaven at the start of one of the most watched awards programs of each year!!!

Beyonce opened up the 2022 Oscars with an OUTSTANDING performance! She performed her original song “Be Alive” from the King Richard soundtrack. The movie is a biopic about the famous tennis players and sisters, Venus and Serena Williams, and their father, Richard.

Beyonce and her performers donned tennis ball colored outfits, and they wowed everyone in their tribute to the Williams family.  The performers also wore braids that were HEAVILY criticized by the media in the early years of the Williams sisters’ era. They performed on a tennis court in Compton, California, where Venus and Serena developed their love for tennis.  Another nod to California was the song “California Love” by Tupac Shakur. It was heard playing in the background. Queen Bey really outdid herself in this performance! Not only did Beyonce show out in her normal fashion, but her daughter, Blue Ivy, also demonstrated that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! This mother-daughter duo… the world definitely needed to see it! The beehive and other fans hope to see more of Beyonce performing at other award shows. Those who missed Beyonce’s incredible performance at this year’s Oscars, can check it out on YouTube or in the “Video of the Week” category of! It’s definitely worth the time.