Women’s History Month: Coach Cassandra Rahming


Alessio Martinez, Student Writer

Palm Beach Lakes’ beloved Head Coach of the Lady Rams basketball team, Cassandra Rahming, was recently featured in the Palm Beach Post to represent unequal pay for women. March is National Women’s History Month, and it recognizes the hard-working, brave women who fought to make their stance in the world. This article highlights the inequality in gender pay between men and women; it’s unfair wages and includes six strong women who tell their stories. 

Here’s what these ladies had to say:

“Seeing over 40 girls go to college for free on athletic scholarships is probably my greatest joy,” Cassandra Rahming, Palm Beach Lakes High School basketball coach

“Why does a childcare worker get paid so much less money than a plumber?” U.S. Rep. Lois Frankel (D-FL)

“I stay with them, walking and talking, convincing them to take their medication,” Claire Dameus, Certified Nursing Assistant, home caregiver

“Our contacts, our experiences, our exposures, all played a role in that disparity and how an employer . . . looks at us,” Salesia Smith-Gordon, attorney

“My biggest fear is that the most vulnerable part of our population will not have equal access to reproductive justice and reproductive freedom,” Mona Reis, Presidential Women’s Center

“I don’t think I’ve been affected by the wage gap or moving forward. But based on statistics, I feel I might be” Noreydy Ortega Cantoran, MBA, human resources management.


Coach Rahming became the first woman and first African-American coach in Palm Beach County to win 500 games! See the article about “Cassandra Rahming Day” for more information. Coach Rahming, in her PBP interview, says that the younger generation must witness women thriving in [their chosen] professions. Also, she goes on to say that gender should never hold women back from seeking and holding higher-up positions. Basically, she expressed how females deserve equal pay as their male counterparts. 

Click the link down below to see what the other five incredible women had to say!