Esports Day!

Kianna Grant, Student Writer

PBL is always buzzing with excitement! Friday, April 1 was no different. Not only was there Club Day where the Ramily went crazy buying and eating everything from spicy fruit, candy, and cookies to pizza, chicken wings, and empanadas,  but it was also Esports Day!

During both lunches, there were four colleges on campus providing information to students about careers in gaming, graphic design, animation, social media, marketing, music production, and computer programming. The four colleges were Keiser College, Florida Atlantic University, Full Sail University, and Palm Beach State. The colleges also provided live demonstrations and virtual reality simulations like “Beat Saber.” The students were able to experience the amazing world of virtual reality. They were also able to have Mario Kart Competitions and win prizes.

The day was truly a delight for everyone on campus, and more importantly, students were well-informed about the various careers in the Esports community. Lakes is, indeed, ON TOP!