Brian Designs!


Makayla Everett, Student Writer

Class One Fire Cadet, Brian Demas utilized his skills in Photoshop and Illustrator to create a beautiful design for Mr. Martinez and the Medical Academy at Lakes.  The design features the school’s mascot (the Ram) at the top of the traditional medical icon, the caduceus. In his unique way, he customized the caduceus for Lakes Medical–What an INCREDIBLE concept! Mr. Martinez gave Brian some ideas, but the way that the design was executed was all him!

What’s next for this amazing Senior Carat. Well, for starters, he will be one of the first students to graduate from the Lakes Fire Academy. After finishing up here as well as at PBSC this summer, he can start applying for jobs with one of the local fire departments as a full-fledged fire fighter!! As super as that all sounds, Brian is not putting all of his eggs in a single basket. He’s even looking to start a clothing line that’s Florida-themed, so he can create more beautiful and eye-catching designs for the general public. Everyone should be on the lookout for that. Brian says it’s cool to see his design in real life (on someone’s body) rather than just on a computer screen. He says, “It’s really cool!”