“It Ends With Us” By Colleen Hoover


Alexandra Madrid, Student Writer

The young adult novel, “It Ends With Us,” by Colleen Hoover is a riveting drama packed with painful truths about the devastations of domestic violence. In this story, a woman struggles to break the cycle of abuse and rise above it to create a safe life not only for herself but for her child. A tearjerker, this book is not only inspiring but also one of those books that leave an indelible mark on a reader’s heart. This is a book that breaks hearts and stitches them back together. It’s a story that is all too common and familiar and yet forbidden to be discussed and addressed, this is a brave attempt by the author to bring forth an honest and unbiased picture of people who do and of people to whom these things happen. Colleen Hoover takes up two major social issues and brings them to light in a new perspective.