Tre’Anthony Hardy–Early Childhood Teachers Can Look Like THIS!

Kianna Grant, Student Writer

Tre’Anthony Hardy, a level 3 student in the Early Childhood Teacher’s Academy (ECTA) has just attended the Statewide Summit on Non-traditional Student Success that was held in St. Petersburg on April 19. He was asked to serve on a student panel to discuss non-traditional participation in career academies–in his case, a male in a predominantly female-filled academy.  Tre’Anthony, a very charismatic student, shared what it’s like being in the program. Well, for starters, Tre said that he’s “starting a new trend” that others before him were unwilling to start. Hardy felt grateful to be selected by Choice Coordinator, Mrs. Hands, to be on the student panel. It gave him the opportunity to dispel the myth about teachers. When asked if he believes people (especially men) have a preconceived idea that this is supposed to be a female career choice, he stated, “Yes, I do feel like a lot of males are close-minded and just [play into] stereotypes.”

Tre has been in ECTA since his freshman year! “I wanted to go into the Early Childhood Teacher Academy because I have a love for children, and I also want to become a mentor later on in life.” He realized he wanted to do something in child-related occupations after his 9th-grade year in the academy. Even though he is the only man in his class, he confessed that he is never “intimidated” or “overwhelmed.” He stated, “I just use being different as a plus.” He hopes more males will want to join occupations that seem to be geared toward females. What does he hope to do in the future? “In the future, I wish to become an engineer. After my engineering years, I will volunteer all around and become a mentor to African-American males who lack a father figure in their lives.” He also mentioned that he wishes to come back to Lakes to become the Early Childhood teacher, so he can show boys that this is normal and that they can do it just like he did.

Mega CONGRATS to Tre’Anthony on this amazing achievement. Many described him as very “intuitive” and “funny” while speaking. He is certainly making himself, his academy, and the school proud. #LOT