PBL Baseball Presents … Heritage Night!

Makayla Everett, Student Writer

On April 14, PBL Baseball hosted Heritage Night, and it was tons of fun! The players and PBL fans in attendance showcased their individual cultures. In addition to the different flags hanging from the fence, team members donned arm sleeves or socks that represented their country/culture.

The night was filled with education and entertainment: During transitions of the game, the team managers read quick facts about various countries in addition to some general baseball trivia.  In addition, to get everyone on their feet, the Ram Regiment Band performed for the crowd, and a Senior Chorus student, Breanna Henry, sang “Lift Every Voice and Sing” to start the game.

Mrs. DuVal, the coordinator of this event shared, “I felt very festive as people were giving strong nods to their culture and having a good time.” Ram baseball fans should be on the lookout for the next baseball event–Senior Night (April 28), which is a blackout event. All Rams are asked to wear all black to the game in support of Senior Night–BE THERE!!!!