Lakes Visits Roosevelt Middle School!

Kianna Grant, Student Writer

Calling the RMS CLASS OF 2026!!!! Palm Beach Lakes dropped in on Roosevelt Middle School to speak with the future RAMS of Lakes! Mr. Alfonso spoke with the class of 2026 about what to expect coming into their ninth-grade year. The presentation was very informative, as the Devils were able to learn about high school and everything required for graduation.

Principal Alfonso and the awesome team of  PBL School Counselors spoke to the students about elective class registration and the total number of credits in English, Math, Social Studies, Science, and Physical Education that they would need in order to successfully complete high school. They meticulously explained how to go about choosing their electives (or fun classes) for next year.  For the upcoming ninth grade class, the presentation was helpful in many ways.

The Ramily is excited to welcome the Roosevelt Devils to LAKES!