A GREAT Turnout at PBL Roundtable!

Alessio Martinez, Student Writer

On Wednesday, April 27, YPAR (Youth-led Participatory Action Research) held a PBL Roundtable between lunches speaking with four faculty members regarding school guidelines. Ms. Furones, a New York University intern & co-teacher, created YPAR for Lakes juniors to conduct a research project about Palm Beach Lakes students concerning school policies. PBL Roundtable is an immense opportunity for students to have their voices heard by faculty. And, it was delivered! Multiple students engaged in the conversation, interacting with Coach Marshall, Ms. Thomas, Ms. Lowery, and Ms. Johnson regarding questions asked and comments given prior in a google form. It was an eye-opener for many students hearing as one participant said, “I feel this discussion was needed because it made me realize that the staff is on our side.” Many of them want the Roundtable to continue annually because it made them feel comfortable and safe with the faculty. One of many complaints among the students of the roundtable was that they need more time to discuss all the topics. The YPAR group has already begun to start planning for the next school year, so this is not the end!

The participants were given exit tickets asking for their final thoughts about the PBL Roundtable and two responses stood out to the group:

“I feel like there’s a lot of misunderstanding with the staff and students. I feel like we [as a group] need to talk more about what’s happening in school.” – Amena Allah, 11th grader

“I’m neutral about this because it’s like everything is set in stone. We speak up for nothing because they do not want to change anything. The panel is ok with it, but the students are not. Although, I do agree [with] some stuff.” – Anonymous

 Thanks to all YPAR members who contributed to this meeting!

YPAR members:

  • Laila Amro
  • Isabella Bayona
  • Taccara Cineas-Young
  • Jessica Cortes
  • Maedsa Doreus
  • Alessio Martinez
  • Jasauni Robinson
  • Abrianna Stona
  • Tishauna Thomas

A big shout to these four faculty for taking time out of their day to hear what these students had to say!!

Faculty members:

  • Wanda Thomas
  • Coach Marshall
  • Charlyn Lowery
  • Demetric Johnson