Congratulations E-Sport Rocket League!


Alexandra Madrid, Student Writer

On April 26th, PBL’s E-Sport Rocket League won the game against Hamilton High School of New Jersey with a score of 1-3! Despite all of the bad energy being sent to them, PBL’s E-Sport team was able to push through and were able to go through to the semi-finals! One of the team’s coaches, Mr. Marrero said, “The announcers and the chat weren’t believing in us, but we proved to be the better team.”

This is the 1st year of competing for this program, and the Rams were able to go through to the semi-finals which is something that doesn’t happen usually. Many people may think that Rocket League is just a game, but there’s a lot more to it than that. It actually requires a lot of strategy. The team’s head coach, Mr. Edwards said, “We played well; we were the underdogs. People didn’t expect us to win, but we had a good player who rose to the challenge. All of the members practiced day in and day out, and I am very proud of them. They catapulted us to the USA National Championship (EGF) at Disney World. Thank you to everyone who supported us and watched online. Hopefully you will see us in championships in June.”