BSU’s First Annual Banquet

Alessio Martinez, Student Writer

On Thursday, April 28th, the Black Student Union (BSU) at Lakes hosted its first annual banquet! Multiple students and faculty members across Palm Beach County attended the event, making it a fantastic time for everyone. The banquet included the BSU members from other high schools in the county–Forest Hill, Royal Palm Beach, Atlantic, Boca Raton, and John I. Leonard.

The chorus from PBL opened up with a little entertainment, and they did an excellent job! In addition, there were two guest speakers for the evening–Brian Knowles (the manager of the Office of African, African American, Latino, Holocaust, and Gender Studies within the School District of Palm Beach County) and Dr. Boyd.

Each high school had its own set of awards and certificates to present to members of their BSU organization.  CONGRATULATIONS to all of the BSU sponsors and members for attending the event and for recognizing all of the members for their hard work within BSU.

Palm Beach Lakes cannot wait to hosts next year’s banquet–Look Out 2023!