Landscape Art Contest


Kianna Grant, Student Writer

Attention PBL students! An upcoming art contest has presented itself, so all the artsy Rams should take this opportunity to showcase their skills.  This landscape art contest is an online contest. The deadline to submit entries is May 12, 2022. The focus of this theme is to create art with the interpretation of natural elements such as mountains, hills, valleys, deserts, forests, etc. All of the winning artists will receive a digital certificate.  The winner’s artwork will also be displayed with an article about the artist and the artist’s work.

Students must make sure what they submit is related to the theme. There isn’t a limit to the number of entries a student is able to submit, but the application fee is $16 for 2 images of artwork. Entry fees are non-refundable. The image size should be up to 2MB in JPG format. Judging will be based on the overall originality and quality of the art, the artist’s artistic ability, the interpretation of the theme, creativity, overall design, and the usage of the medium.

Don’t miss this chance, Rams, to showcase fantastic artwork!