Junior Dodgeball Tournament!

Alessio Martinez, Student Writer

On Tuesday, May 10th, Student Government Association and Ms. Gabriel planned an exciting event for the Lakes class of 2023! The main event was the dodgeball tournament, but there was a series of fun games (including musical chairs, obstacle course, relay race, and red light/green light) for juniors to participate in while testing was going on for the other grades. The dodgeball tournament consisted of several teams that attempted to “knock the other teams out.” Even Mr. Alfonso joined in on the fun and threw some dodgeballs at juniors! It was apparent that a couple of the participants were a little too excited to get the opportunity to hit their high school principal.

To add to the hilarity of  the day, the outgoing Mr. & Ms. PBL, Maxwell Rolle and Jada Quince, hosted the games and dance battles. They also introduced the 2023 class officers and the incoming Mr. & Ms. PBL, Tre’Anthony Hardy and Abriyah Cleveland! Generally, a favorite moment was when the crowds sang along to multiple songs played by the DJ. It seemed as if juniors were reuniting with each other.

These events serve to help students have fun and relax a little bit, especially during stressful times of state testing and final exams. Activities such as this one definitely should be twice a school year–during midterms and final exams–(totally not a biased opinion coming from a junior, haha). Hopefully, these events will become more frequent, and we’ll start having pep rallies again!