Senior Checkout 2022!


Alexandra Madrid, Student Writer

On May 13th, Senior Checkout took place in Palm Beach Lakes gym. The event was about four hours, and all of the seniors, of course, attended as well as the senior teachers. Senior Checkout is the annual event where seniors must checkout with various departments on the school campus with the goal of being cleared for graduation. Seniors are given a checkout form with their names printed on labels on the front. They, then, must go through different stations such as School Counseling, Chromebook Return, School Treasury (Financial Obligations), and many others. If they are blessed enough to make it successfully through the check out obstacle course (meaning that they have been cleared), seniors can then (and only then) approach the GOOD SECTION–Cap and Gown Station (where students get their graduation cap and gown) and Graduation Ticket Station. This is just a glimpse of what happens in the senior checkout process.

Another important part of Senior Checkout is the community outreach part.  Community leaders, vendors, and representatives set up tables for students to register to vote, apply for jobs, and a whole host of other things to jumpstart their lives as young adults. Palm Beach State College offered to get students last minute help in deciding their future goals. Mrs. Mooreland from TRIO also shared summer opportunities for a college fair and trade fair for careers as electricians, plumbers, etc. One of Palm Beach Lakes counselors, Ms. Thomas, said, ” Counselors are feverishly working to help students who haven’t completed all of their requirements. We are always excited to help students make success unavoidable. We hope the class of 2023 takes notes and doesn’t wait until the last minute next year, but no matter what we are here to help.”