Junior Female and Male Athlete of the Year!


Kianna Grant, Student Writer

On May 18, PBL hosted it’s Underclassmen Awards Ceremony. Dadrien Smith and Destiny Williams have both won the Junior Female and Male Athlete of the Year Award. Dadrien expressed he is just “honored” and “thankful” to the people who believed in him. His hobbies consist of sports, exercising, and listening to music. He has achieved remarkable achievements. Throughout his high school years, Smith has been involved in football, track, basketball, bowling, volleyball, prom committee, M.O.T, and the key club. “I want to add golf to the list of activities before I graduate high school.”

Destiny Williams’s hobbies include Track and Cheerleading. She was thrilled to receive the award because she felt like it was “well deserved.” School sports she’s currently involved in are track and cheer, and she used to be in best buddies and on prom committee.

Congratulations to these amazing Rams!