Ram Regiment Fundraiser!

Alessio Martinez, Student Writer

Mr. Velez and the Ram Regiment Band are hosting a fundraiser! Buyers can purchase a historical and vintage band uniform from the Lonnie Green era. Lonnie Greene was a beloved retired band director for Palm Beach Lakes High School for several years until he passed away. In his honor, the band room was named and now the uniforms are being allowed to hang in the homes of those who played under his direction.

Why is the band selling their uniforms? Well, they need more room for their fresh and upcoming uniforms that are arriving this summer! And, don’t worry, buyers don’t have to be students or  parents of students currently at Lakes! Anyone can purchase a uniform to further help the band program. All payments and proceeds will go to the Ram Regiment Band for next school year, so stop by Palm Beach Lakes and come grab your classic uniform now!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mr. Velez at [email protected]