Seniors Know Best


Kianna Grant, Student Writer

Let’s be honest! Freshman life can be hard–New school, new schedule, new rules and expectations…more responsibility, more homework, more STRESS! There is a silver lining to it all, though. Freshmen do not have to have it THAT hard. They don’t have to let “experience be their best teacher.” They only need to look right in front (or beside or even behind) them to find a SENIOR…you know, the ones looking super cool as it they have everything figured out and not a care or stress in the world. Well, that is until time for college decision days arrive. Anyhow, I digress. Seniors can offer a wealth of information to the new kids on the block (campus). Don’t believe me? Let’s just see!

I conducted an interview with Blessing Daleus, a fantastic senior and Carat in the Medical Academy. Being the super senior that she is, she had this advice for our baby Rams: 


Keep up with your grades!  It is very important to keep the focus on your schoolwork. “Develop a plan, and ask questions if you’re confused.”


“You shouldn’t stress yourself out. You should always stay calm, and be positive.”

Clubs and Involvement

“It is always good to be involved because being involved helps you figure out what you truly want to do–in school and in life.”

Peer Pressure

“Don’t try to fit in–just be yourself! The ones who matter will accept you for who you are.

Last word of advice

 “You’re not what people say you are; you are what God says you are. You’re your own person–just like a snowflake… one out of billions. There is no other!”

Well, there you have it! The words of a senior can save our Freshmen a lot of stress and frustration. Blessing is one amazing senior out of approximately 500 (Class of 2022), so if you are a 9th grader, don’t be a afraid to grab one of the soon to be graduates for a piece of advice or a practical suggestion to help you get through the tough times. You will be pleasantly surprised, and your Freshman year will be everything that you hoped it would be!