NYU-Steinhardt at PBL…Welcome!


Tera Hands, Newspaper Editor-in-Chief

Working alongside four of our amazing PBL veteran instructors are four equally amazing, conscientious, and eager NYU-Steinhardt Teacher Residency Program participants, seeking the practical preparation and tutelage they need to become full-time teachers of record in the own right and in their very own classrooms. The NYU-Steinhardt program partners with various school districts and charter schools to aid and benefit students in underserved schools while also helping recent college Education graduates to earn a graduate degree (also in education). Palm Beach Lakes, the Home of the Rams, is pleased to welcome the following members of Cohort 6 of the NYU-Steinhardt Teacher Residency Program:

Naile Furones is a native of West Palm Beach and a Florida State University graduate (B.S. in Political Science).  Mr. Lee Mears (Social Studies) will serve as her mentor teacher this school year.




Gabe Hurlock hails from Atlanta, Georgia. She is a graduate of Wesleyan University in the area of Philosophy and Dance. She will be exploring Special Eduation with Ms. Laura Yaun as her mentor.


Leia Robinson is from Saxtons River, Vermont; she graduated with a BA in History and Eduction from Bryn Mawr College. This year, she will be mentored by Mrs. Moira Steins (Social Studies).



Laura Smyth, like Gabe, is from the ATL in Georgia. She has a BA in English from Kennesaw State University and will be mentored by Ms. Tiffany Foss (English Department).


We look forward to full engagement from these up and coming educators when they, as a part of the Gradual Release Model, slowly throughout the year assume 100% responsibility in the classroom and in the students’ overall learning. Like we often say, “It’s a great day to be a RAM”!