Student Drivers


Kianna Grant, Student Writer

For student drivers, it’s really exciting to drive around and show their new car, but driving around the school campus does come with rules and a degree of caution. The parking lot is public property, so student drivers need to understand the importance of safety and following guidelines. The school has created a Google Classroom for students to join and get all the information needed to apply for student parking.  For convenience, there is a QR code hung up all over campus. The parking fee is $21 dollars. Students will need to have a valid driver’s license and the completed paperwork submitted in Google Classroom. Unsafe acts, such as riding on car hoods, spinning wheels, etc. will result in the suspension of parking privileges. Unauthorized vehicles will result in them being towed from campus. The student parking lot is a free-range parking area, but students are prohibited from parking in the staff and visitor parking lots. The last day to apply for student parking without being ticketed is September 10.