Head Swim Coach, Ms. Piper!


Kianna Grant, Student Writer

Football…Basketball…Soccer…Track!  These are some of the most common sports we know, but what about swimming? Swimming is just as important as any other sport but does not get the recognition it deserves. Here at Lakes, our swimming program is not very well-known, so the school has conducted an interview with our amazing swimming coach, Ms.Piper to get insight on our school’s swimming team as well as the coach, herself. Ms. Piper hopes to share her love of swimming with as many students as possible. Being the amazing swimming coach that she is, RAMpage asked her a series of questions–Here is what she had to say:

What do you hope to achieve this school year?

“I hope to build a strong team and build the students confidence and abilities.”

What will be some of your motivational strategies for your student-athletes?

“[I plan to] be encouraging and let them see their progress to build their confidence. [I will] just let everyone enjoy each other and allow them to be supportive of one another.”

Why did you want to become a swimming coach?

“I love swimming, and this school doesn’t really have a big swimming program.  I want to be able to give students insight into other opportunities.”

Were you also a swimmer?

“Yes! Still swimming till this day!”

Where do you see yourself in the next couple of years when it comes to being a swimming coach? 

“We’re going to championships, and I’ll still compete as a RAM!”

Who is the person you look up to?

“My parents have always been really supportive of me and have always had high expectations for me.  They always believed in me which allowed me to believe in others. Community is also really big to my parents so it’s very important to me, too.” 

There you go, RAMS! Our swimming program will be wonderful thanks to our swimming coach, Ms. Piper.  If you are interested in joining the new and improved swim team, please contact Ms. Piper at [email protected]