West Indian Heritage Club of PBL


Karen McFarlane, Guest Writer

What is the West Indian Heritage Club?

A supportive community for students from the West Indies

Are you new to the US?  Florida?  Palm Beach?

Are you a current student with West Indian Heritage?

Need support from a teacher? A buddy?  Need help with the American ways/culture?

This is an exciting club for you!!!

Club Highlights…

  • Guidance on navigating the school system
  • Mentorship/support from peers of shared cultural background
  • Connect with teachers who share your cultural background for academic and other supports
  • Liaise/alliance with parents/guardians to provide guidance and support about the school system
  • Community support from groups such as the Jamaicans of the Palm Beaches
  • Collaboration with Brian Knowles, Manager, Department of African, African American, Latino, Holocaust, and Gender Studies
  • Celebrate and inform your peers about our heritage
  • Special Speakers
  • Nuff (many) more!!!