ESPORTS and PBL–A Perfect Combination!

Kianna Grant, Student Writer

Palm Beach Lakes officially has an E-sports team! Retro Ramz is the clubs competition team name. The team is started the season HOT, HEAVY, and on FIRE; it is currently third in the nation for the Trident Cup in Rocket League–Simply AMAZING! What exactly is ESPORTS at Lakes? E-sport is a digital platform for interaction and entertainment. The Palm Beach County School District recognized how Esports is growing, so Palm Beach Lakes principal, Mr. Alfonso applied for Lakes to be one of the pilot schools for this program. The goal is to gather all the students interested in gaming and to provide them with the opportunity to use Esports as a way to capture the communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills needed to thrive in the gaming industry. The club hopes to share its love of gaming with other students and help students obtain scholarships for college. The Retro Ramz intends to give all students a chance to explore their interest in gaming while simultaneously engaging students in the NASEF curriculum that can enhance students’ skill set to be proficient in many technical areas (not just gaming). In other words, Esports is just the bait that gets students into the door to explore more intricate and varied careers that they may discover a knack for down the line.

Rampage collected various photos and videos, and also gathered a couple of statements from both staff and students. Here is what some shared:

Mr. Alfonso, Palm Beach Lakes Principal–  “This program allows us … our gamers … [to] learn so many things about the gaming industry [to the point] where they’ll actually get college scholarships, and if they’re really good at their craft, they can make a lot of money, so that’s a WIN-WIN!”

Jaheem Clayton, E-sport Club President- “I’ve been interested in the E-sports club since I got to this school which was 2019, December. I’ve been playing video games basically all my life. The skills that I’ve learned so far since being in this club [are] being able to work along with people, [working on] team building, being able to strategize, and overall, just building a good environment and working space.”

Glen Langley, E-sport Club Vice President-  “I’ve been in other clubs at school, but Esports really interests me since I’ve been playing video games at such a young age, and … being able to interact with other people who love video games has been amazing. I hope to see our school do amazing things across the country, and just be able to play to the best of our ability.” We love communicating with one another and developing friendships in this club.”

Julius Edwards, E-sports Club Coach- “The great thing about our club is that you don’t have to be a gamer to join.  Any student can join because we’re trying to get these students into their careers, so we will always have something for them.  In the future, I think we will be one of the biggest schools around with not only E-sports but also with entrepreneurs and marketing.”

To join the club, please see Mr. Edwards in Room 8-112 or Mr. Marrero (Assistant Coach) in Room 2-132. Interested ones can also scan the QR Code posted in the hallways throughout the school. Currently, the club boasts over 100 students; why not join to see what all the hype is about?!