Vaccination Bus at Lakes!

A close-up of the Vaccination Team

Kianna Grant, Student Writer

It’s a tough time for everyone (Rams included) this year due to Covid, so it is very important to remain safe as much as possible. To that end, PBL allowed the Health Department’s vaccination bus to visit the school on Wednesday, September 14 and to vaccinate all students and parents who wished to get vaccinated–FREE OF CHARGE! The vaccination bus will be returning in three weeks to give all those vaccinated their second dose. The reactions of those vaccinated were interesting but, overall, positive.

Junior, Aldion Gregory, waiting to receive clearance after getting his shot (Tera Hands)

According to Junior, Aldion Gregory, “It’s [Getting the shot] easy.” His mother, Deanalloy Barrett said, “I was excited to hear it was available [at Lakes]. Both parents and students can do it, so that’s also a plus. I think everyone should do this.” Some were nudged to be vaccinated by their employers, which was the case of La’Trail Shipman who stated, “My job made it mandat

Mrs. Shipman gets her Phizer vaccination at Lakes! (Tera Hands)

ory for everyone to get vaccinated, so I was happy to be able to get it out of the way.”



Many people express having mixed emotions about getting the vaccination, so it was no surprise to get this reaction from Junior, Wamda Abdelsamad: “I was nervous at first. … I am afraid of shots.”

Junior, Wamda Abdelsamad, gets her shot with a eager anticipation! (Tera Hands)


A similar feeling was shared by Senior, Haiven Andre–“I didn’t

plan to get vaccinated, but I was encouraged by my parents. I’m just happy to have it over with. I have anxiety, so I’m afraid of what

Senior, Haiven Andre, after receiving the Phizer vaccination (Tera Hands)

may happen to me tonight.”

Since the start of school, there have been many teachers and students who have contracted COVID, and it is the hope of many to put an end to the virus. A big part of that is having as many people as possible get the vaccination (one form or another). PBL was able to witness 54 parents, students, and staff be vaccinated on Wednesday, breaking the current record of vaccinations at school sites this school year. It is VERY important to remain safe, so everyone is encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to get vaccinated in three weeks when the Health Department returns. Please spread awareness and the word to others. In the meantime, continue to wear your mask, social distance, and PROTECT THIS HOUSE, RAMS!